My life is a mixture of positive and negative emotions, as everyone else's life. I've grown in a difficult but still life-enjoyable environment, in which soul pollution is high as air pollution so it's not easy to bring on the night. I have a degree in engineering, a degree in classical piano and harmony. I'm passionate about astrophysics and sports: both tend to weak you until you feel grand.


My earthly inspiration in music comes, in no particular order, from: Pink Floyd, Radiohead, U2, Brian Eno, Muse, Depeche Mode, Miles Davis, Coldplay, Pantera, Metallica, Stevie Wonder, Iron Maiden, Franz Schubert, Felix Mendelssohn, Steve Vai, George Gershwin, Glenn Hughes, Corrado Rustici, George Benson, Kool & The Gang, Jeff Buckley, Planet Funk. Yes, it's a mess but that's it, and I love it this way.



Heavy and hard easily changing

The common paradigm is music

It's just a media, neither the goal, nor the path

Just a starting point to get over some self-selfing selfie

Discover it like it would do for yourself, every day.

Inner peace and soul fulfillment.

It can be useful for everyone.

It cannot.


Giampiero Frulli